~The Curious Mind~

November 3rd, 2009

Do you have one? Yes indeed, because this trait is shared by all people! It can manifest itself differently in one person as compared with another. It may simply be a passing interest, or it can reach the level of a true obsession.

Here’s a little “test”…Have you ever found yourself glancing at the rack of magazines and tabloids which are prominately displayed near the checkout counter at your local grocery or supermarket? Of course, you have! And after reading one of the intriguing headlines you found yourself reaching for a copy, and handing it to the cashier as she tallies up your purchases. You might question yourself later at home, “Why did I buy this?” The answer is clear…You were curious!

People are curious about an endless array of subjects. Some trivial as to which celebrities are dating or marrying, some practical as to which laundry detergent works best, to the lofty and intellectual who ponder the age old question: Is there intelligent life out there in the universe?

Ever wonder what keeps a person trekking on a long and arduous hiking trail? Sure, the scenery can be breathtaking, the air clean and crisp, and it’s undeniably great exercise, but best not forget the curiosity factor! Each hiker is curious as to, what is over the next bend? What will the next vista be like? Will the forest thin out to eventually become a meadow? Will a deer, bear, or porcupine be spotted? Will colorful mushrooms be seen? Will there be plump sweet berries along the way for snacking? How about a pristine lake for swimming? These questions can only be satisfied on an individual basis.

The “most curious” minds in history are responsible for the greatest achievements! Names like Columbus, Magellan, Henry Hudson, Galileo, Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Edison, Curie, and the list goes on and on. A curious mind is an active mind and an active mind is a healthy mind.

A Thinker’s Daily ChallengeTM picks up on “The Curious Mind,” as it presents geography, history, and science questions (plus puzzles) which are sure to capture your interest. It’s both educational and entertaining at the same time. Test your “knowledge bank” on a daily basis, and perhaps win a cool prize for being the first to correctly answer a challenge question! Check-out the site after reading this post, and give it a thorough perusal. Hey, aren’t you just a bit curious as to what this service is all about?

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