Message to “Seniors”

September 27th, 2009

Senior citizens know better than most that as we age the importance of a nutritious diet, and exercise increases. A healthy body, however, is not enough! An active mind must accompany the body to make for a truly happy and functional human being. And that is where A Thinker’s Daily Challenge TM enters the picture, and might very well play an important role. You see, by challenging oneself with puzzles, trivia, and brain teasers, “on a daily basis,” the brain remains sharp. Couple that with subjects of undeniable appeal such as geography, history, and the sciences, and a vehicle which is easy to utilize (you simply subscribe and the “daily challenges” arrive in your in-box)!

Trigger a memory, spark an idea, or figure something out. Encounter interesting facts, fun facts, and trivia questions which tug at the gray matter. Learn something new, share that something new with other senior citizens, and look forward to each and every day. Surprise yourself at just how smart you are! Read, identify faces of world notables, famous buildings and structures, plus make sense out of our rebus puzzles. Our brain teasers remain fresh because they are offered in rotation…you will not be bored with the same subject matter day after day. In contrast, you will look forward to the next time one of your favorite features returns!

Decipher puzzles, comb through interesting facts, fun facts, and trivia questions on a regular basis strictly at your convenience. Ponder a wide array of brain teasers and trivia, and as icing on the cake perhaps even win a weekly challenge prize! Tap into your “knowledge bank” every day and it will deliver high dividends!

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