Message to “Parents”

October 26th, 2009

The best time to spark your child’s interest in geography, history, or the sciences is when that child is young! Yes, a child’s mind is something like a sponge, it absorbs knowledge with relative ease, and it craves more all the time. I am sure you will quickly agree it is best to learn how to ride a bicycle, roller or ice skate, play the piano or violin, pick up a new language, or learn the meaning of responsibility when a person is still a child. As a parent, it is your duty to see that your child gets the best start in life. Ignite that interest in geography, history, or the sciences with the help of A Thinker’s Daily ChallengeTM! This convenient educational service (presented in an entertaining way) will nicely augment your curriculum if you home school your child. If your child attends public or private school, the service can become that “extra something” to put your child above his/her peers. With knowledge comes confidence, and as a team they will further assure your child’s success in life!

This is how it works…Daily challenges are sent (one each day) directly to your subscribed e-mail address, and the following day a new challenge is sent along with a detailed “answer” to yesterday’s question. Features are offered in rotation, to keep the experience fresh and exciting. The service has faces to identify as seen in the “Place the Face” feature, outline maps to identify as seen in the “Map Lines” feature, puzzles to think through as seen in the “Be a Word Detective!” feature, and for those who love animals of all kinds we have our “Spotlight on Animals” feature. There are many other features worth checking out, so be sure to visit the web site at your earliest convenience!

It is also worth mentioning that all subscribers receive a “welcome package.” This package includes a brief letter of introduction to the service, a trio of sample questions to whet your child’s thirst for knowledge, along with the ever popular jumbo “I’m a Thinker!” button. Your child may even win a weekly challenge prize! We currently offer our Kritter-FactTM “educational” wildlife T-shirts, which have been marketed through select zoos and nature centers around the nation as our premiere contest prize. Each T-shirt has a full-color front image framed by either silhouette landmarks found on the continent the animal is native to, or the animal’s paw prints (also in silhouette). The back of each T-shirt boasts 12 knowledge-building facts covering the animal in question.

Set aside a few minutes of “family time” each day to ponder and discuss the daily challenge at hand, and see your child’s face light up with delight each time he/she arrives at the correct answer.

Good habits formed when young become lifelong practices. Perhaps A Thinker’s Daily ChallengeTM could in some small way set your child on the path to becoming a respected history professor, architect, scientist, or veterinarian! Parents, it is up to you.

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