Message to “Baby Boomers”

October 7th, 2009

Baby boomers are in the prime of life. They can easily draw from a wealth of knowledge and
lifetime experiences, and yet maintain an attitude of “what will I try next?!” Although formal
schooling is generally behind them, they are eager to learn new things, and they do so with
unbridled enthusiasm. What baby boomer would pass at the opportunity to test his/her
“knowledge bank,” just to satisfy an inborn curiosity all humans have: How do I measure up?
Am I average? Above average? Yikes…hopefully, not below average! I would venture a
guess (and I bet you would agree)…not many. Puzzles and brain teasers with morning coffee.
Trivia and interesting facts during an afternoon break. Then a short stroll over to the water
cooler to strike up a conversation with a co-worker to test his/her “knowledge bank.” An amazed
look, a chuckle, a remark, “well sure, I knew that!” Any one of these reactions is indeed possible.

Baby boomers have always been curious as to “what is over the next hill.” They frequently
would jump at the chance to try a new sport be it Nordic skiing or scuba diving, try their hand
at calligraphy, or return to some yesteryear favorites such as biking or gardening.
A Thinker’s Daily Challenge TM can reawaken the inner youth in any “baby boomer!” Stave off
those “golden years” for as long as possible. Be active in mind and body! You can keep score
if you want to, or better yet just sit back and take in a few entertaining minutes away from the
daily grind. All you need to do is subscribe! Receive puzzles, trivia, interesting facts, brain
teasers and trivia questions sent directly to your in-box every day. Subjects covered are an
integral part of your world. Geography, history, and the sciences…they’re filled with fun
facts you may not be familiar with. Aren’t you just a bit curious as to what they are?

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