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For those (adults and children) interested in Geography, History and the Sciences we offer 365 Days of puzzles, trivia, fascinating facts, visual associations, and brain teasers...Delivered direct to your In-Box Every Day! It is an "educational" experience presented in an entertaining way!

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Ken  Havelock: Holds  a  BS  degree in  Broadcast  Journalism (and  oddly  enough  has  even  more  credits  in  the  Earth  Sciences).

He  has  also  taken  a  number  of  creative  and  technical  writing
courses  through  correspondence. 

He  once  secured  both  U.S.
and  Canadian  utility  patents  for  his  invention:  Arm-tray for  wheelchair. 

He  has  designed  a  line  of  stuffed  animals,
and  2  lines  of  "educational"  wildlife  T-shirts,  the  most popular of  which  (The  Kritter-Fact  T  continent series)  had  been marketed  to  zoos  and  nature  centers  in  parts of  the  U.S.

Ken  Havelock  has  a  profound  interest  in  many  subjects
which  inspired  this  project,  A  Thinker's  Daily  Challenge.

In  this,  he  is  certainly  not  alone,  for  the  "thirst  for  knowledge"  is  universal!  

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